Monday, December 10, 2012

Reading shelf

A couple of months ago I said I was starting to write a new academic book.  I was setting off with a focus, but no set plan or argument.  I've now got a structure worked out, a reasonable amount written, and the argument is evolving, though the text is a long, long way from being finished.  At the time I was starting I didn't give any clues as to what the book would be about.  The picture above is the reading I've assembled for the next couple of months, which gives a reasonable hint.  Expect the crime fiction reviews to reduce as I work my way through these tomes.  I'm particularly hoping that The Politics of Large Numbers and A History of the Modern Fact live up to expectation as the titles make the books sound fascinating (well to me, at least).  I'll probably review some of the titles here in due course.

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