Friday, December 14, 2012

Run out of steam

I think I have officially run out of steam for 2012.  All year I’ve been running two research institutes and the experience has worn thin.  You know when you’ve been carrying an excessive load when it’s announced that you will be relinquishing your present roles and your employer starts to look for three new people to take up the duties.  In this case, three full professors.  Anyway, that’s my excuse for not yet writing up my review of The Black Box by Michael Connelly.  Maybe I’ll get to it over the weekend.  Or perhaps I’ll start marking the essays from two of the modules I taught this semester.  At some point next week I’ll post the review.  It would be nice to post it from California as a bit of winter sun would go down a treat right now.  Oh well, at least I’ll be in LA in April; I might try and check out some Bosch haunts on the trip.

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Anonymous said...

Rob - Personally I don't see how you've managed to do all that you've done for as long as you have. So you don't need to convince me that you deserve a break. Hope you get a chance to rest up.