Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Books for a trip to Australia

I have a colleague heading to Australia for three weeks on Friday.  He wanted some Aussie reading for the trip so I've bought in a few books for him to choose from.  I think they'd be good companions for anyone making the trip.  Here's what's in my goody bag (with links to reviews).  Feel free to add to the list ...

Adrian Hyland - Diamond Dove
Phillip Gwynne - The Build Up
Peter Temple - Truth; Bad Debts
Shane Maloney - Stiff; The Brush-Off; Nice Try
Kel Robertson - Dead Set
Leah Giarratano - Vodka Doesn't Freeze
Garry Disher - Blood Moon

It would be nice if there were a few more books on there but, as I've noted before on the blog, getting hold of crime novels published in Australia isn't easy or cheap.  In exchange for a loan of some of the above, I'm getting my colleague to bring me back a couple of books I can't buy from here.  Seems like a fair dinkum deal to me.


Unknown said...

While he doesn't do crime, Thomas Keneally has written a handful of award-winning books set during different important periods in Australia's history. They could make good additions to the list, but it depends on your colleague's tastes.

Kerrie said...

THE SECRET RIVER by Kate Grenville would be a good non-crime one too