Saturday, October 20, 2012

The wrong man?

‘You’ve got the wrong man.’

‘No, we’ve got the right man.  You killed her, Paul.  Dragged her into the woods, raped then strangled her.  How did that make you feel?  Like a god?’

‘It wasn’t me.  Why won’t you believe me?’

‘You were caught on CCTV, talking to her shortly after she left the pub.  You’re the last person she was seen with.’

‘All I did was ask her for a light.’

‘And then you killed her.’

‘No!  Why would I kill her?’

‘Because you’re sick in the head.’

‘I didn’t do it.  I swear.’

‘Stop lying to us, Paul.’


Anonymous said...

Rob - Oh, what I like about this is that it really could be either way. Nicely done!

Unknown said...

Reminds me of Sean Connery interrogating Ian Bannen in "The Offence." Great job.