Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lazy Sunday Service

I bought Icelight by Aly Monroe and Ratlines by Stuart Neville yesterday in the local bookshop.  Given I'd just finished Castle Freeman's Go With Me, I decided to moved Icelight to the front of the TBR pile.  I'm a 130 pages in and enjoying it, but I'm wondering whether I've made a mistake reading book three of the series without having read books one and two.  The main character, Peter Cotton, is a bit of enigma and I suspect I would have a better handle on him and his backstory if I'd read the first two. Oh well, nothing for it but to keep going and backfill at a later date.  Do you read a series in order or skip around?

My full review of Icelight is here.

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Anonymous said...


I always like to start at the beginning of a series and read it in order.

Ray Kolb

Anonymous said...

Rob, I'm in the minority. I do not mind reading a book out of order. I can always get back to the first book, if I've enjoyed it, and discover how the author has arrived there.

Rob Kitchin said...

I usually read in order, but I was taken with this book so I thought I'd give it go. Where it usually doesn't work is when a series is of a finite number, say a trilogy - reading the final book before the other two doesn't really work.