Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lazy Sunday Service

I've just finished reading Liar Moon by Ben Pastor, set in 1943 in Northern Italy and featuring Wehrmacht Major Martin Bora (review to follow this week sometime).  The first book was Lumen set in Poland in 1939.  Both books are interesting because they explore notions of honour and morality in a time of war; Bora, for example, is prepared to kill but not murder; to hunt partisans but not send Jews to their deaths (or at least give them the opportunity to escape).  According to Goodreads there are eight books in the series, and if the rest are translated from Italian, I'll probably work my way through the set.  As yet, I can't see any plans on the Bitter Lemon Press site for the third book to be released, but I'm hoping that it's in the pipeline.

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