Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lazy Sunday Service

We watched a thoughtful and moving Japanese movie last night called Departures (which won an Oscar for best foreign language film in 2009, and loads of other awards). A young man loses his job as a cello player in a Tokyo orchestra and moves back home to his small town with his wife.  Seeking work he answers an advert to work in 'departures', thinking it might be a travel agency.  Instead, it is to undertake the ritual of preparing the dead for their coffin.  Given the taboos concerning death in Japanese culture, it is a job that few people want, including the young man.  But it is work and it is cathartic and allows him to see the world afresh, even as those around him shun him. The film was beautifully shot, well acted, and had a very good script.  One of those films that makes you think about life - and in this case, also death.  I'd recommend to anyone who enjoy reflective, thoughtful movies.

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