Saturday, May 8, 2010

Irish Crime Writing Baseball Team

Crime Scraps have proposed an English crime writers baseball team, suggesting that only the US and Scotland could rustle up a team to challenge his line-up. I posted a comment proposing an Irish team that would give the Anglos a decent game. With youth on their side and hurling in their blood, I actually think the Irish would play a more aggressive and entertaining game. Anyway, I thought I'd re-post the team here (in a slightly different order as Adrian McKinty has already said he's prepared to take it on the noggin to get to first base). I'm not sure if it's a good idea to place a baseball bat into the hands of these folk, but I'm sure they'd give most teams a run for their money.

1. Adrian McKinty
2. Gene Kerrigan
3. Colin Bateman
4. John Connolly
5. Ken Bruen
6. Declan Hughes
7. Declan Burke
8. Arlene Hunt
9. Brian McGilloway

Reserves: Benjamin Black, Tara French, Alex Barclay


Anonymous said...

Rob - Thanks for posting up your baseball team. I like your choices very much and you're right; they'd give the U.S. and U.K. quite a game.

Dorte H said...

You forgot Rob Kitchin!

I have read embarrasingly little Irish crime fiction, but I have Declan Hughes, Brian McGilloway and Tara French on my TBR.

Don´t know when I will get to them as I cannot use them for any of my reading challenges :D

Unknown said...

I just read my first Adrian McKinty book (Hidden River) and was VERY impressed. I just ordered three of his other books... love him at the lead-off spot!!!

Adrian McKinty said...

And I'm pretty sure I could annoy the hell out of the pitcher by fake stealing every two seconds which would then make him plonk me next time up. It would be a vicious/virtuous circle.

kathy d. said...

This reminds me of the Monty Python sketch of Greek and German philosophers playing soccer against each other.

All they do is, pace, think, and talk; pace, think and talk.

No one scores. But they sure do use a lot of hot air with all of that thinking going on.