Saturday, May 22, 2010

Will dig for food

Picture right is of a Harvard professor, a regular visitor to Ireland, who I invited out to the house for the weekend. The deal is - must dig out old wall (covered in grass and nettles) and build a new one for food. Pretty good exchange for both of us, I reckon. He's making a good job of it, except for dropping a rock on my hand (and he's fairly lethal with that crowbar). I must try this more often. I'm sure there are a load of academics out there who could do with the exercise. I only have about another 100 metres to rebuild. Since he's here, and is based up in the North, I've made a start on Garbhan Downey's, The American Envoy, so I can pass it on to him. In exchange, he has given me Philip Kerr's, The Shot. Can't wait to get stuck into that one sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

Rob - Sounds like you have quite a nice arrangement : ). Thanks for sharing, as I'm sure there are others who may benefit from your idea.

Dorte H said...

What a fine idea! If anyone should want free meals and accomodation close to the North Sea, our cottage needs a fresh coat of paint soon :D

seana graham said...

You know, this is such a good idea that you should probably try to patent it as soon as possible. I know you're Irish, but have you ever read the opening scenes of Tom Sawyer?